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Focus Population


At McGlannan School, we remediate academics impacted adversely by dyslexia and related language based learning difficulties by accommodating  the child's learning style.  We respect each child's dignity and build self-confidence in a positive, supportive learning environment.

Evidence Based Instruction

Our students are six to fourteen years of age (grades first through eighth) with average through superior  intellect and challenged  by dyslexia, including related language based learning difficulties such as memory and processing deficits. ADHD may be present as a secondary diagnosis. McGlannan School cannot accommodate students with a primary diagnosis of behavioral or emotional disorders.

McGlannan School is an accredited, evidence based private school.  New research relevant to the physiological basis of "how we learn to read" is incorporated into the curriculum.  Our goal is to prepare the child to successfully mainstream  at the appropriate time while fostering self­ esteem and maximizing academic potential.