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Dear McGlannan School,

My guess is that this letter could have been written by any of thousands of parents.  Over 25 years ago your school, administration, and teachers graduated our older son and in the process saved his life.

As early as preschool teachers didn’t understand why our incredibly verbal son, “Just wasn’t getting it” when it came to reading.  Even after being diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten he didn’t transfer to McGlannan until 4th grade.  Tutoring, alternative strategies to learning, and persistence and love on the part of all of the staff somehow gave him the foundation for graduating high school, doing progressively better each year in college, and finding his way in a world that would not give him untimed tests or cut him slack for a disability that the vast majority sluffed off to laziness.

Our now 34 year old son, who to this day has never read a book for the sheer pleasure of it spends the majority of his time reading and writing technical material I can’t begin to understand.  He has a level of creativity, keen understanding of the way the world works, and skills that give him a leg up in business every day.  None of this would be possible if Mrs. McGlannan hadn’t started what she did for young people who “just learn differently.”

Our younger son whose difficulty with reading was less severe spent a shorter time at McGlannan and benefitted equally.  Today he has a successful career in Higher Education Emergency Management.

What an incredible legacy Mrs. McGlannan created and how blessed we were to be the beneficiaries of her leadership and perception of the potential of a different type of education.

My wife joins me in being eternally grateful.

Bruce Shpiner


Dear McGlannan School,

     Thank you so much for all your help and support with our daughter Paulina Tao.  She has truly blossomed at the school.  We will all miss McGlannan.  It’s a very special place that we will remember forever.  Have a great summer and keep believing in what you do for all these kids!!

 -Scott, Carolina & Paulina Tao